Up until recently, I’d thought that Lorem Ipsum was a Swedish actress.

Congratulations on the launch of your website, Mary. Undoubtedly it will be filled with the same array of knowledge, insight, clarity and the wtfiness to call out ladles posing as spades that pretty much describes a day in your life.

When you invited me to join on as an editor to your site, I believe I actually salivated at a chance to get my hands on your grammar, sentence structure and word choice, figuring that the editor always wins and finally I’d get my chance! Household domination would inevitably follow and toilet paper rolls would once more hang the way that nature dictates.

I should have known better.

There you stand, like Lucy with football triumphantly over shoulder, as I contribute to the coffers of the online king (your master, not – until now – mine): CONTENT.

But then again, I’ve always been a fool without a king’s ear to bend, so why not the biggest of them all?

Sure, why not? I’m in!

In – and hoping to watch you grow this into a vibrant, provocative, indispensable source as we all try to grab hold and ride this whirlwind of upheaval, disruption and innovation that informs our every waking moment.  Any student who’s ever had the pleasure of calling you “Mary Mary Mary!!!” knows what I’m talking about. I’m looking forward to being whatever part of this I can.

Congratulations, good luck, and go get ’em!, Mary.

Greg Grodecki