Mary throws in the towel. image credit: Jinx! on flickr CC

Mary throws in the towel. image credit: Jinx! on flickr CC

I admit it; I have been defeated by the blog. The archived post dates accuse me of laziness (over a year ago!) and the blog’s annual renewal date looms.  Do I pay for another year of not blogging?

Marketing and advertising are passions.  But being a professor I get stopped by “is this sufficiently professorial?” and that gets in the way. Doesn’t help a bit. Ego + Expectations. ugh.

The next thing that gets in my way is: how can I blog when I’m behind in my marking?  The semester roars out the gate and consumes all of my time until it dumps me, tired, dishevelled, a mere husk of my former self, on the doorstep of Christmas. And hey, the quality of Christmas presents from me is entirely dependent on how many days are squished between “grades due” and “open gifts”.

This wasn’t supposed to go this way.  I envisioned thoughtful commentary, sharing with my students and …  Well, that didn’t work out the way I planned.  The only thing to do is what I tell my students to do when they hit a wall:  Hit Re-set and go again …

So, I’m changing horses mid-race.  Re-set:  No longer will I demand from myself that which I have no time to do.  (of course I say this in week 5 – the storm hasn’t hit yet and I’m both confident AND delusional.) My new goal is to write imperfect posts.  And the topics I write about will be the things that catch my eye or ear in advertising that relate to my students and the work we are doing.  It won’t be perfect, certainly way shorter at times than the “long-form meaty posts” I originally demanded from myself. It might even get ugly at times… that pile of marking glares at me even now.

I’m going to write anyway: to observe, think and reflect.  About marketing, advertising, careers, motivation, brain stuff, books, teaching, learning… Maybe my students will join in, or not. They are certainly welcome. **smiles and waves hello**

Because this is my life and it’s a good one.